New Multi Lingual SMM Panel List

In order to grow into different markets without lowering the SEO of the current page we produced a Spin Off called:

SMMPanel.Best is available in more than just English and brings our favorite SMM Panels in front of even more eyes. The site is available in Russian, Hindi, Bengal, German, French, Spain, Italian and more! We will continue to improve the site in future to provide a landing point for users from all around the world.

All SMM Panels from CompareSMM are automatically published to SMMPanel.Best. This means as panel owner you have to do nothing, and there is also no way to add your panel except we add it mantually (see Partner). We also added our new review rankings from CompareSMM, as well as Trustpilot scores and WatchSMM votes to our new site. We may use this for ranking in future so make sure to gather some reviews for your Panels!


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