Compare SMM Panels in 2021

Many things have changed since our last bigger update. The market grew, the services matured. Something that many deemed as shady and grey is now an thriving business all around the world. Not shady anymore.

Let me start with a big thank you! In the 3 years or so the site exists we had many thousand visitors looking for great SMM Services and we hope we could help many of you to find what you need!

New Panels & Rankings

Many new Panels have been popping up in the last 2 years. Some of which are already closed and forgotten but some others are here to stay and bring fresh winds into the Social Media Marketing Business. We recently added many new panels and changed how the ranking works. Expect to see more changes here as this is a permanent state of changes depending on how the panels perform with you, our users.

Trustpilot Scores

We are currently rolling out Trustpilot rankings for all listed panels! This means any panels that have reviews on Trustpilot will automatically display their score on their panel page. For most this is a big bonus because most panels we list have a very good ranking. Some should be working on their rankings. For our users this means it is easier to choose which panels they want to trust with their money.

Search for services

For some reason we never included a text search to our service database, we do now have one! Check out our Services page and start looking for the exact services you are looking for. We may improve the search ability in future :)

Updated Freebies

Some of the services attached to our freebies haven’t been the current expected standards. We updated our freebies to reflect the current market better and included offers that work closer to what the users expect. Better High Quality profiles, less drop, faster execution.

The Future of CompareSMM

We are working on some other updates for the future. Some ideas may work out, some may not. Our aim is to grow as a platform and build out the SEO dominance we currently have. We added a Partner Page to clearify how our page works for Panel owners.

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