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Want to make most out of your Twitch account? Want to have more followers? More action going on as soon as possible? Try pushing your account and gain new followers and fans a lot more easy! Increase your visibility, ranking and more for cheap!

Starting out on Twitch is not easy. In fact, starting out is getting harder every single day. The more users there are on Twitch the harder it is for you to get discovered. And traditionally there is not much you can do other than pushing your Twitch channel on other social media accounts (where you face similar problems).

In the past years, we have helped many channels to grow and learned a lot about what works, and what does not. We developed our own methods to get the most out of your money and closely monitored our results to understand how the twitch algorithm is working as best as we can.

Don’t start from zero

We learned that you should not start from zero. This essentially means you should have at least a few “natural” followers and views before you do anything else. If you have issues getting there try Reddit, IRC or Discord to get your first real interactions.

Start small

Don’t just buy 10000 Followers and wait for the magic to happen. Buy 100 one day, maybe 250 another day and go bigger slowly over days or even weeks. Create spikes as if you got featured in a popular discord or something like that. These spikes appear natural for Twitch and will help to rank your channel better in the search and discovery. From our experience, this is what works best by far even low-quality followers can do a lot using this Principe.

Don’t forget about views!

2000 twitch followers but only 1000 channel views? You get the point. As a rule of thumb, you should aim at least 5 times as much twitch channel views than you have twitch followers, anything more than that will work well as well. Views also help you to rank better so make sure to use them especially when you are streaming to gain direct benefits.

Clip views

Clip views are not as relevant as you might think. However it is smart to grow them with your channel views. 50 or 100 can be enough if you have a channel with less than 10k of followers.

Push when you stream

If you want to get the most out of your investment make sure to buy additional views and twitch followers WHILE or shortly before you are streaming. So when the algorithm kicks in and you get better listing you can instantly gain more real followers, views & fans as well!


Pushing your Twitch account by buying SMM Services on SMM Panels can highly help to get your channel more visible. While you won’t gain real fans with money, you increase your visibility and get discovered by your future fans way more easily. We mostly used Bulkfollows and Followiz for our Twitch needs and can recommend both of them!

Compare the best Twitch Services

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