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Telegram Channels and Groups get more popular every day. Not only for communication but also for marketing, selling and much more. There are groups for literally everything and you can find things on Telegram you would not expect. But these Channels and Groups are often well hidden because they barely show up because they have way to little group members.

By buying additional group members you get way more visibility for your channel or group and more real members who find your channel in the search or otherwise. Buying Telegram Members is a good investment for small, medium or big channels. Most SMM Panels provide Telegram Services, the you can find the most popular below! You can find different kind of members, either from different countries or different quality. Some of them are looking 100% real, some not so much. Compare the offers below to find something that works for you!


Telegram is a Popular Instant Messaging client developed by Pawel Durow and his crew of Digital Nomads. With over 500 million active users it scores well to WhatsApp or Signal. Telegram comes with Stickers, Groups, Channels, Private Chats, proper Encryption and much more. The client has many options to make Telegram really feel your own and you can connect to whoever you want and whatever device you want.

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Promoting your Social Media is crucial these days. Without additional help it is often impossible to get your Telegram Account started from the ground. CompareSMM helps you to find the right SMM Panels to buy premium Social Media Marketing services from. Telegram is popular instant messenger used by millions users world wide. They have top notch security and wide variety of features that make Telegram easily compareable with more popular messangers.

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