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Starting out a new Discord Server can be a painful task. Its never easy to get your first users or get over the first 100, even less the first 1000 discord server members. By buying server members from premium SMM resellers you can add more life to your servers and make them more interesting for other real users.

Some sellers may even provide real users, however these usually donโ€™t stick around for to long. High Quality Bot members come with a real looking profile, picture & name. You can choose different geo audiences, male or female, to have fitting names & accounts for your discord server. Bots usually stay around forever and make your discord way more lively than it would be otherwise.


Discord is a Popular Platform for Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing & Talking. Initially it was build for PC gamers but today it is used by more than 250 million users, not all of which are using it for gaming. Discord works on any operating system or even in the browser and is available for anyone. You can create an account and join different servers for different topics. Discord is used widely by people who used Skype or Teamspeak in the past, because it offers a more easy interface.

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At we are working with SMM Services daily, we are dealing with any kinds of different social media platforms and SMM Panels. We want other customers to make safe and informed decissions about their Social Media Marketing efforts, which services they should buy and how they work. Discord is the #1 Chatting Platform for Gamers, Teenagers and many more! Create and build your own chat servers, promote them with SMM services

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