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With more than 2.1 million Twitch streamers and 13.000 Twitch Partners it is not easy to stand out on Amazons Streaming Platform. To gain visibility on Twitch many choose to buy some followers, clip views and live viewers to increase their rankings. This helps especially for smaller streamers but can also push streamers who already have an active following. The more Followers a Twitch account has the more Relevant it gets in searches and more.

Thousands of people buy Twitch related SMM services each day and followers is just one of them. Many SMM Panels offer different Twitch related services. Twitch Followers can be from varying quality and pricing. The best followers you can buy are real followers, but you can also choose from many different bots who usually stay for longer than random users. Many even offer different bots like only females, only males or only us followers. Make sure to compare the best offers!


Twitch is owned by Amazon and today has 2.1 million Streamers registered. Even thought they have been horribly hacked recently they are still a relevant platform to watch Gaming content of all kinds. There is also non-gaming content but it is the minority. The biggest Streamers make up to millions every month.

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Promoting your Social Media is crucial these days. Without additional help it is often impossible to get your Twitch Account started from the ground. CompareSMM helps you to find the right SMM Panels to buy premium Social Media Marketing services from. Not only gamers but live streamers of all kinds use Twitch everyday to reach their Audience. Pushing your Twitch account is essential to get initial visiblity and can replace months if not years of work within their algorythmus which makes it hard for newbies to get started.

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