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6 months ago TV 

Lots of quality services. User support is excellent. I order exclusively subscribers for Twitter - Live. NFT category. Profiles are fully designed, have avatars that are constantly updated. There are no avatars of drunken men in vests, classically stolen photos - what I noticed, each profile is decorated with a unique avatar (specially asked the admins - they are done through a neural network). What is considered simply “GOOD”!

6 months ago Rudolf Schwartz 

I have been using the service for over 1 year. A lot has changed. Previously, services were scattered, now they are well located, everything is divided into categories and social networks. By right it can be considered one of the few good SMM panels. Support works 24/7 - which is also a huge plus, and even more - the answers are almost instant if you write in Telegram.

6 months ago lex Shniperson 

One of my first SMM panels, which from the very beginning left only good impressions about itself: 1) excellent and friendly support; 2) good quality of services (not all, but most of those that I used and use on an ongoing basis; 3) the constant release of new services. The main advantage is a supplier confirmed by many forums (which is almost impossible to achieve without evidence).

6 months ago Eduard Keush 

Order number 2347079. At first there were problems, but support quickly resolved everything. The order moved to the status of completed 3 hours after the start. Ordered a total of 5,000 NFT Twitter followers. High quality accounts. A week later, less than 500 subscribers disappeared, which I consider a good result.

6 months ago Davin Asayesh 

Excellent working services. I order subscribers for the Telegram channel on an ongoing basis. There are write-offs, but they are small. The quality of accounts is average - the price is average - the quality declared by the service is average. Technically everything is fine. But my internal and external Jew requires cheaper services and completely without write-offs :)

6 months ago Aleksandr 

We have been ordering here for a long time. Previously, they bought viewers for cryptostreams. But after the advent of new algorithms from YouTube, I had to change the field of activity and began to order viewers for Twitter and likes for posts - the quality, as always, is at the highest level. The Chief Executive began to get in touch less and less himself - the service has grown - a lot of support staff) But I will always remember the days when we just sat in TG and talked on empty topics, and I was given advice on how to do business right. Great times - it’s a pity time flies so fast)))

7 months ago Thierry Gilbert 

Lots of quality services. High start speed. Most services have minimal charges. But there are also those where 100% write-offs after 10-15 days are very cheap services. This is logical. You can work in peace. Not afraid that they will throw money. The main thing - remember, free cheese is only in a mousetrap and buying cheap services here - you buy air. Buy expensive - buy quality. Does not apply to views.

9 months ago gagopa8044 

Nice SMM panel. General Impressions: - Support service: 9 out of 10. Always a quick and competent answer. - Start speed: 7 out of 10. Sometimes they are late. - Quality of services: 8 out of 10. Few unsubscribes. - The possibility of moneyback (if you need to withdraw from the panel): 2 out of 10. There is almost no moneyback (the terms indicate up to 168 days if you change the method of returning money. Up to 28 days are withdrawn to the same wallet) - Cancellation rate: 4 out of 10. Cancellations are minimal, even if the order does not arrive (rare) - Overall Impressions: 9 out of 10. One of the few good panels that keep track of services and don’t offer slag.

11 months ago vmarsel7 

Excellent panel, fast order fulfillment, answers to questions, good prices. Excellent panel, fast order fulfillment, answers to questions, good prices. Excellent panel, fast order fulfillment, answers to questions, good prices. Excellent panel, fast order fulfillment, answers to questions, good prices.

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