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Ever thought about pushing your TikTok Account with more Followers, Likes and Views? Well we did and here is what we have learned and tested!

TikTok that was formerly known as as the fastest growing social network right now. More and more people decide to spend their time to share, view and comment self-made music and comedy videos.

Whenever a platform is growing it gets harder to get noticed, even if you have the best content getting somewhere takes longer and longer. You can give yourself an easy kickstart by using SMM Panels and buying fake followers, likes & views to get better ranking and more trust for your TikTok account.

Buying TikTok Followers?

TikTok Followers help your account visibility and credibility. Having a few followers more than you need can never hurt and other users are more likely to follow if they see you are already popular. By buying TikTok followers you have an easy way to fasten your account’s growth!

Buying TikTok Likes?

Video likes heavily increase the visibility of the videos. If you want to be seen this is the #1 metric to go for. More likes mean more visibility and more visibility again means more likes, but also more views and followers. It is always smart to invest in additional likes for your best videos to increase natural engagement.

Buying TikTok Views?

Views are an background metric so to speak but not less important. In our tests, we have better results when be buy x5 or up to x10 as many views as we have likes. This makes the algorithm think we talk about natural engagement even more and helps to make your account & videos even more visible.

Do i risk TikTok your account by buying followers?

No, not at all. TikTok can never know if you or someone else bought these services so they can not do anything to your account. In fact, TikTok does not really care about bots and many people are using them to promote their accounts right now.

Best TikTok SMM Panels

We tested several SMM Panels offering TikTok services and ranked them by their speed, price, and account quality our favorite services are these below.

Compare the best TikTok Services

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